Comfort all day long

Comfort all day long

Picking the materials for the facemasks is as intricate as qualifying all the protective standards.

We’ve come to choose knitted fabrics thanks to their great properties of ventilation and smoothness to the skin. Knitted fabrics are made from strings of yarn looped together into an elastic-like structure. This kind of material has a lot of porosity, allowing moisture to wick away faster. Knitted fabrics have high air permeability, allowing air to travel in and out.

The mask saves your skin from trapped moisture while allowing you to breathe through a covering easily.

There used to be “suffer” wearing airtight and ear-tiring facemasks in the long run. But Citann has changed the game with facemasks that offers exceptional fit & comfort besides protection.

The masks come in 3 sizing options and adaptive fit earloops to fit any face. These masks also promise top-notch filtration without sacrificing fashion and usability.

Those are what you will find in a Citann mask: protection & comfort.