CITANN is excited to announce the launch of its range of high fashion, premium face masks. A cutting edge five-layer filtration system there to protect you and others from over 99% of viruses, bacteria, pollutants, and everyday irritants. 

These days, it’s no secret anymore that face masks are here to stay, and rightly so. Protecting ourselves and keeping others safe is our priority, and for that, we need the right tools. 

Through extensive research and testing, CITANN has created a range of face masks that are approved and verified by globally recognised laboratories and standards agencies, including the prestigious Nelson Labs USA.

As a brand, CITANN are acutely conscious of the detrimental effects of ‘Covid Waste’ and the negative impact that single-use masks have on the environment. Approximately 53 million disposable masks end up in landfills every day. Not only are they made of polypropylene, which takes around 450 years to biodegrade, but a lot of them also end up in the ocean and therefore add to the eight million tonne mass of plastic entering the sea every year. Covid Waste is an issue that we and future generations are going to have to face, and we have the responsibility to reduce it - starting now.

CITANN masks have been made to last, to be washed and reused just as your favourite items of clothes are. The five-layer system consists of a fashion-forward outer layer, following an active carbon layer that filters gases and reduces odour. The third layer is made of an electrostatic non woven PP fibre layer at an N95 standard, that filters at least 95% of airborne particles. The fourth layer consists of another non-woven PP layer at PFE99 standard, which filters at least 99% of fine dust and bacteria. Lastly, the final layer completes the mask with an ultra-smooth and feel-good skin-friendly finish. 

We live in a world where wearing a mask has become second nature as breathing, even though it doesn’t feel as natural. CITANN masks provide a comfortable wearing experience with adjustable ear loops located on both sides, an adaptable nose wire covered by a wing-shaped foam for a more comfortable fit, as well as two one way valves for easier and effortless breathing.

CITANN believes that fashion and function can work in harmony. That keeping safe doesn’t mean compromising on your personal style.

Stand out, keep safe, make a statement. CITANN.